Claude is a proud husband as well as a doting father to two sons. Family comes first and Claude is a strong protector of the ones he loves.

In the business world, Claude is first and foremost known for his character, courage, and convictions. As one of the primary founders of LIFE, Claude is well respected for the leadership and unsurpassed character he brings to the table. Anyone can talk about character but not everyone lives it out in their own life.

Claude strives to practice the principles he firmly believes in. Daily!

The LIFE Leadership Community is focused on improving people’s lives in the 8 F’s:

  • Faith | Family
  • Finances | Fitness
  • Friends | Freedom
  • Fun | Following

Claude is also leader of one of the fastest growing TEAM leadership groups – PC leader over the TEAM events department. In this capacity, he has greatly improved the quality and profitability of the opens, seminars, and major functions. TEAM’s turnaround has reaped the endless hours sacrificially invested by Claude for the benefit of all.

”A lot of who Claude is makes LIFE,” says Orrin Woodward on one of his blog posts.

”Claude is a regular peep who made it big, ” says Debra Wells-Hopey in the article she wrote on Claude named, Dream Big! ”The house I am about to introduce to you is not like any you’ve probably seen before and it may not be like one you are likely to own. But then again, you never know…”

Claude Hamilton

The Hamilton’s home is one of the largest in their Canadian province, which is not shocking since they also have one of the largest dreams in the province. Neither of the Hamilton’s come from wealth, so how did this young couple achieve so much with so little? Simply put, they joined a leadership community, learned principles that allowed them to rise to their potential.  They took action!

Both of Claude and his wife come from a Canadian military background:  She in the Navy and he in the Great White North’s equivalent to the Navy Seal program. With little money, no connections, and no plans, the Hamilton’s joined networking where they promptly struggled for years. In fact, the miracle of their first five years in business is that they didn’t quit. With little outward success to show for years of relentless effort, only huge dreamers like the Hamilton’s would have continued to hold out hope. This hope, however, was the key to their future success and was not in vain. The Hamilton’s are modern-day heroes and admired by all who know their story.

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