Mark Macdonald- NY Times bestseller and CNN contributor

Hey everyone!!
I am very excited about the upcoming TEAM conventions being held in Springfield, Mass and Milwaukee WI.  We have a tonne of great speakers and a great agenda of topics. Orrin and Laurie Woodward and Bill and Jackie Lewis will be in Springfield and Milwaukee, and the BradysGuzzardos, Hawkins, and Marks will be in Milwaukee.  Oliver Demille will also be speaking a second time for the TEAM, he was a huge hit the last time he spoke!!
I wanted to highlight Mark Macdonald who is one of the speakers we have coming in to answer questions and promote the 90 day RVLution from MV.  I have become good friends with him and can tell you he knows his stuff and is a very sincere passionate advocate of living healthier lives. Mark is a National Ambassador to the American Diabetes Association and a NY Times best selling author.
Here are a few videos of him on CNN where he is a frequent contributor. Enjoy and I will see you all at conventions the next few weeks!

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