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by Claude Hamilton

Toughen UP Book by Claude HamiltonDon’t let anything stand in the way of having the great life you deserve and are capable of achieving. It’s time to take responsibility, choose the tough path, and be your truest and best self.

Claude Hamilton teaches you what it takes to toughen up your heart, mind, and soul in order to become all that God created you to be.

He shares his own personal stories; his dreams, struggles and victories which enabled him to pinpoint the Eight Strengths (Attitude, Courage, Character, Duty, Honor, Relationships, Passion and Tenacity) of real toughness in leadership and success.

Claude also explains the true meaning of each of these strengths and how they are all critical to success.

Through Claude’s inspiring personal example and his “Basic Training for Leadership and Success,” you will learn how to develop the emotional toughness to carry you through the most difficult of challenges in all areas of life even when it may not seem possible to go on any further.

You will learn why the tough path is actually the most enjoyable and rewarding one.


AMAZON Customer Reviews:

Inspired! By Steveo on October 22, 2013
Can you learn from a former elite soldier something about Leadership & Success? Can you learn from a highly successful businessman something about Leadership & Success? You’d better believe it! As I read the no-nonsense, straight from the heart account of developing 8 key strengths through a life of proving them out… I see where I want to go. I am inspired to be more than I am. I can learn from what he learned through some of the hardest military training in the world and just as importantly from taking what he learned there and applied to his business pursuits to achieve a success that very few ever achieve.When Claude Hamilton tells you how to achieve success – listen. Listen because there is FRUIT ON THE TREE. He has the results. Listen because his passion is evident and his tenacity is proven; the chapter on courage hit me like a ton of bricks. A few words changed my life because I locked onto a key thought – on page 161, that put to rest some nagging self-talk – a connection made in my own mind that provided resolution. The book brings a wide variety of nuggets of wisdom, engaging stories and clear, concise teaching on traits all of us need to fully embrace and develop as core habits. And I believe this book will provide every reader with valuable insight into personal growth and success.I highly recommend this book to anyone that realizes there is something more in life; that has that hunger for something better; that knows that somehow, someway, they can be more. I recommend it because I know this book will resonate with others as well!


Leadership at it’s very best By MobileRob on October 24, 2013
If you wanted to be a great doctor, you would want to learn and apprentice with a great doctor. No matter what field of endeavor, you want to learn from the best. Well, this book was written by one of the best leaders I have ever been able to associate with. He leads by example and creates a culture around him of inspiration and overcoming. I highly recommend this book. You will not be disappointed by the story of a man who went from being a young navy diver to being a mentor and leader of some of the most successful leaders in the US and Canada. Enjoy the read!


What a Few Twitter Fans Have to Say:

Jamie Fassbender ‏@fass_jl 23 Oct
I am now struggling with which line of your book will be written on the mirror as an affirmation first! It’s amazing! @ClaudeHamilton

Josh Burbidge ‏@BurbidgeBlog 23 Oct
Great book thanks! I recommend this book for anyone in a leadership position or in a life rut! @ClaudeHamilton

Scott Staley ‏@swjstale 23 Oct
Our flames of passion must be stronger than the downpour of challenges ~ from Toughen Up @ClaudeHamilton #Keepstroking

Adam Konopka ‏@Adam_Konopka 23 Oct
Indeed, without toughness, Jesus never would have lived the life He did or set His perfect example for all of us @ClaudeHamilton

Carrianne Hall and Gina Koncz favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in 22 Oct                                                                Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage~Lao Tzu from Toughen Up by @ClaudeHamilton

Catherine Kilpatrick ‏@Cathy_Kilpat 22 Oct
@ClaudeHamilton’s new book “Toughen Up” A great read full of good ideas and wow stories. A must read!

Josh Burbidge favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in 18 Oct:
Pick this book up and learn from the top leadership expert in Canada. @ClaudeHamilton

Kris Merchant ‏@Kdmerch Protected account 20 Oct
Love your new book @ClaudeHamilton ! Great job!

Scott Staley ‏@swjstale 20 Oct
Reading newly released book Toughen Up by @ClaudeHamilton it’s going to be difficult to set it down! An awesome read

Raylene MacNamara ‏@ray_macnamara 20 Oct
Pick this book up and learn from the top leadership expert in Canada. @ClaudeHamilton

Kody Ellis ‏@kodyjellis 19 Oct
So excited for this book! Been waiting for weeks for it and it’s finally here! @ClaudeHamilton your book is awesome

Jamie Shaw ‏@teletone54 19 Oct
Awesome book so far, thank you for putting into words what we all need to read and hear.!! Also thank you for signing it!!! @ClaudeHamilton

Rhys Plant ‏@drhysplant 18 Oct
Get your hands on the new/first book from @ClaudeHamilton #toughenup #awesome @wayne_macnamara @jpkeller1962

Wade Hamblin, RE/MAX ‏@PtboRealtors 18 Oct
Can’t wait to start this book!! @ClaudeHamilton shares his experiences from the Canadian Military to Business.

Peter J Artibello ‏@PeterArtibello 17 Oct
Its here!!! The first book and future best seller by @ClaudeHamilton Can’t wait to dive into this masterpiece

Jason Armitage ‏@armitage87 15 Oct
so excited to read toughen up! @ClaudeHamilton

Marc-André Therrien ‏@therrien_14 15 Oct
Just got Toughen Up in my LIFE Subscription! I was waiting for this! Yes sir! @LIFELeadrship @claudehamilton


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